GSoC’21 Week 8: Empty Testbenches

Adithya Sunil
Aug 8, 2021


This week was mostly spect consolidating the project’s current stage rather than improving it further. Empty testbenches were added for all the cores so that testbench targets can be run now. These empty testbenches can later be modified into real testbenches as and when required.

A sample empty testbench is as follows.

The targets have also been added to all the cores.

The objective for the coming week would be testing these cores and exploring other tools like yosys, icestrom and symbiflow.

Week-8 updates

  • Completed making empty testbenches for all the cores
  • Updated all core files to accommodate the latest changes

Next week

  • Explore yosys
  • Add yosys targets to cores
  • Test run all cores(lint) to verify the cores are functional.



Adithya Sunil

GSoC Student Developer @ FOSSi || Undergraduate Researcher @ CVEST, IIIT-H